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The Greater Las Vegas Association created the Global Business Committee in January 2012. The committee membership includes residential and commercial real estate professionals, most of which have earned their Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation and are helping clients from all over the world to find and purchase in the Las Vegas Valley. The international clientele of our members include both immigrants and investors who are looking for commercial, industrial, and residential property.

Scope: We are committed to building REALTOR® awareness of the international and multicultural business opportunities.

Mission: Is to further enhance the professionalism of REALTORS® serving foreign nationals and U.S. citizens involved in global transactions by providing education, information, and networking resources.

Join: The Global Business Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at 6360 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118. If you are interested in joining the committee or have questions, please contact Anja Barr at

Michael Schiro
Michael Schiro
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Upcoming Meetings

Global Business Committee Meeting Agenda Zoom Link 08/17/2022 10:00 AM
Global Business Committee Meeting Zoom Link 09/21/2022 10:00 AM
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“This was my third time attending the MIPIM conference in Cannes France. It’s normally attended by over 40,000 participants. This year, I would say there were more like around 25,000. A smaller attendance had some benefits because it allowed more time to Network at the individual exhibits versus normal years where it’s overly packed. This allowed an opportunity to learn more about different opportunities that exist in different countries around the world. I attended this conference with Diane Brown, global chair for the state of Nevada‘s global business committee. Also, Marisa Kagan, who is this year’s ambassador to Italy, Spain, and Portugal. This was Marisa‘s first time to MIPIM and Diane Brown‘s second or third time. Normally, when I attend MIPIM I am by myself, and I find myself singularly focused on things that I want to achieve. This year, I got to see it through a first timer and an experienced MIPIM participant. This did give me different perspectives of different venues that I normally would have missed. Since I am a Residential/Commercial agent, I always find some very useful networking at this type of event. MIPIM is made up of three convention halls three, stories high. Outside of the convention halls, there are tents and temporary facilities along with yachts that host networking events. Each day has an itinerary of many different speakers on all types of subjects covering commercial real estate, developments, and infrastructure of small to large cities. If you are thinking about getting into commercial real estate and want to have a global perspective, you should attend MIPIM. NAR normally has a Pavilion with different states and associations promoting their developments and their areas. You may see me there next time, so, please say hello if you do. It’s a great experience!”

-Michael Ring, Go Global Realty (2022)

“I decided to take part in the upcoming trade mission to Dubai because it was going to allow me opportunity to take part in four conferences at the same time. The is was the International Property Show (IPS) hosted by Invest In Dubai. This conference which was attended by National Association of Realtor’s (NAR), Asian American Real Estate Association (AREAA) and Federation Internationale des Admistrateurs de Bien-Coselis Immobiliers which means “The International Real Estate Federation” (FIABCI) as well as FNIAM, also known as the French National Real Estate Federation. This show was small compared to NAR or MIPIM, had a lot of exhibitors from around the world with many interesting projects. The speakers were dynamic and interesting with many panels covering array of topics. My biggest take away of this conference was that fact that Leslie Smith, the current president of the National Association of Realtors, was signing a MOU with the Dubai Land and Department showcasing that women’s rights are moving forward. They’re nowhere near what they should be, but two very powerful and successful women from different worlds with the same focus was very promising for the future of women in our industry. I am a man that grew up in a very interesting time. I am witnessing the beginning of Men and Women becoming equal. Yes, just the beginning and we have a long way to go. This is a start. Now, if we could treat all humans equally, then life and business could move forward.

The second trade show featured at the Dubai Trade Mission was Annual Investment Meeting (AIM). This was a very interesting meeting and trade show. Investors from all over the world coming together to talk about the state of investing in the world. All kinds of investing. Real Estate, currency and business. Many countries where represented. The speakers were covering all kinds of topics and looking to the future of investing. Over 250 accredited investors were in attendance and featured in the front 5 rows of the main speaker’s venue. Also, the convention hall had many speakers talking on an array of subjects.

The World Expo was the third convention of sorts and was the size of 60 football fields. It was a city within itself. I could write a whole page just on this. All I would say was WOW! Unfortunately, not enough time and too crowded. Next one is in Japan in the year 2025. If you can make it, I would. Go in the middle when the crowd are smaller.

The Final conference was FIABCI United Arab Emirates Chapter opening. Great organization and many of my Realtor friends are FIABCI members. It was great to see them and also tour the stainability village.”

-Michael Ring, Go Global Realty (2022)

“I am a proud member of the Global Business Committee and I love attending the meetings as I get information about international events, I meet colleagues that work in different areas and parts of the country and I get a lot of helpful ideas and input to grow my business.

I am German and I speak a couple of languages and meet other international colleagues and we can speak about our countries, cultures and how to expand our business.”

-Stefanie Foles, Realty One Group (2019)

“The global business committee has helped me achieve global success by giving me access to tools and resources needed to help multicultural or foreign national clients who want to purchase in the US or even outside of the US.

It has allowed me to expand my reach and think with an opened mind in a global arena. By doing this, it opened up doors to global business opportunities.

I have also created a network of like-minded business professionals through the global business committee and this network of people promotes professionalism in this particular industry.”

-Tiffany Shapouri, Go Global Realty (2019)

“The Global Business Committee has helped me achieve global success by opening my eyes to the fact that real estate isn't just local. We can do business almost anywhere anytime. We have more in common globally, than most think. We are consistently updated about markets in other countries and the currency exchange. We are afforded the opportunity to visit other countries and see how their real estate transactions our performed along with their customs and procedures.”

-Karen Smith, Urban Nest Realty (2019)

“As two times past Chair of our GLVAR Global Business Committee, I was honored to be selected by our Board to represent our Association at the NAR Pavilion for MIPIM this year. We had follow up meetings throughout 2017, after our return from MIPIM and on into 2018 in preparation for this year, strategizing between our local and state leadership. It's always inspiring to learn about leading-edge development throughout the world and discuss trends and projections for the future, particularly with the current disrupters in our industry. We were able to bring back valuable information for our membership on PropTech, blockchain, and the changes in data collection and distribution regulations' affecting brokerage. It was also an opportunity to shine light on Las Vegas global business opportunities and to educate people on the entire state of Nevada from mining to our innovative technology like data storage centers.

As Co-Founder of our GLVAR GBC, I am super proud of our leadership this year with Graeme Latta, Chair and Tiffany Shapouri, Vice Chair both attending MIPIM. Graeme has just attended the International REALTOR(R) Conference in Vietnam, and Tiffany travels often for real estate as well. Tiffany also serves on the AREAA Board which has further strengthen the breath and connectivity of our Global Business Committee. Graeme has also done a tremendous job planning for our Trade Mission to New Zealand which I am eager to experience; and, he takes the time every month to attend our Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitor Authority Board Meetings to keep our members up to speed with their plans to attract more international visitors, business and revenue to our city.

We recently hosted our CIPS Institute and one of our Nevada Real Estate Commissioners and Past Presidents of the GLVAR was in attendance along with our staff liaison for the Nevada Association of REALTORS. Every year, it seems, our CIPS program and our GBC gets stronger and stronger. It is a testament to not only our volunteer leadership but also our supportive Administrative Staff.

Proud Member 2012 to Present”

-Tamara Tyrbouslu, Las Vegas Real Estate (2019)

Current Roster

Michael H. Ring
Wendy M. DiVecchio
Alina Gardner
Christopher D. Fobes
Chudi Okafor
Cristina Rezunova
Cynthia L. Pitts
Dawnlynn P. Nunes
Diane McMahon
Donald R. Lainer
Gabriele F. Lucero
Graeme Latta
Haya Kessler
Jacqueline V. Dutt
Joaquin Avila
John Lechuga
Joshua D. Campa
Julie Kelai
Karen Smith
Kevin A. Sayegh
Linda Phan
Linda S. White
Magda M. Nelson
Merri Perry
Nina Grozav
Paul Rich
Petra Reyes
Raelara Tilden
Rena Levy
Robert J. White
Robert T. Vargas
Shayla N. Hooker
Shontoya Simon
Sonia S. Passalacqua
Stefanie Foels
Sue T. Kamjorn
Tamara L Tyrbouslu
Tania Jhayem
Tyler C. West
Wendy A. Shea
Donna M. Andrews
Daniel Harris
Randy K. Hatada
Anja Barr
Robbin Balogh


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