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The Greater Las Vegas Association created the Global Business Committee in January 2012. The committee membership includes residential and commercial real estate professionals, most of which have earned their Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designation and are helping clients from all over the world to find and purchase in the Las Vegas Valley. The international clientele of our members include both immigrants and investors who are looking for commercial, industrial, and residential property.

Scope: We are committed to building REALTOR® awareness of the international and multicultural business opportunities.

Mission: Is to further enhance the professionalism of REALTORS® serving foreign nationals and U.S. citizens involved in global transactions by providing education, information, and networking resources.

Join: The Global Business Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at 6360 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118. If you are interested in joining the committee or have questions, please contact Robbin Balogh at

Rena Levy
Rena Levy
Global Day 2023
Inbound Trade Mission 2023

2023 LVR Global Inbound Trade Mission and Global Day

Upcoming Meetings

Global Business Committee Meeting Zoom Link 08/21/2024 10:00 AM
Global Business Committee Meeting Zoom Link 09/16/2024 10:00 AM
Global Business Committee Meeting Zoom Link 10/16/2024 10:00 AM



“I have been a member of the LVR Global Business Committees since 2014 and am currently serving as the Chair.

In writing this testimonial I want to highlight the value and knowledge that being involved in this GBC has contributed to my understanding of international real estate and how it adds to making me a better, more informed and understanding REALTOR®.

Each meeting has seen a guest speaker that adds so much value to helping us all understand the rest of the world and not to be so caught up in thinking that the US is the world. The education, the available resources to CIPS’s and the overall friendships and networking opportunities that have been available and accessible have made this committee such a valuable resource.

Some of the highlights this year have been the combined trade mission to Portugal with the Nevada Global Business Committee, the LVR Inbound Trade Mission and Global Day, and other events, combining and sharing resources with the Community Outreach Committee, and the Trends committee.

The value that I have added to my business is unmeasurable as the opportunities, the networking, the value-added speakers, the resources, and friendships have been so exciting and helpful.

Having all this knowledge and experience I’m confident my business is going to benefit many folds in the coming years as I unravel all the information and networking that has come from this amazing year at the LVR Global Business Committee.”

-Graeme Latta, 2023 LVR Global Business Committee Chair

“I have been a member of the LVR Global Business Committee since 2011 and am currently serving as the Vice Chair. I am writing this testimonial to share the value that this committee is, and has continuously providing me and other members.

From education, resources and tools to help me grow my international business. Through leadership, I have grown and learned so much in both my personal and business development.

By joining Trade Missions and other events, such as Global Day, workshops, networking and conferences, I managed to expand and meet other REALTORS® from other parts of the USA and grow my local and international business. Learning about different cultures has helped me understand my clients better and opened up a whole new world.”

-Rena Levy, 2023 Global Business Committee Vice Chair

“A Memorable Global Day: An Event to Remember

LVR’s Global Day held on August 18, 2023, was an outstanding event that left attendees buzzing with excitement and new insights. From start to finish, this event was a remarkable experience that combined informative sessions, inspiring speakers, delicious food, entertainment and even some fantastic giveaways.

The day kicked off with a wonderful breakfast (with the chef present). We heard about Real Estate investments in Belize, Costa Rica and a few other countries in that region by Michael Cobb and he gave away a free trip to Belize to a few very lucky people. Then we had 6 other speakers all bring a lot of good information to us from how selling houses in auction works in New Zealand to all things new in Las Vegas for local or tourists. Their expertise and charisma immediately drew in the audience, setting a high bar for the rest of the event.

Then we had a wonderful lunch by our talented chef followed by so much entertainment such as Elvis and Frank Sinatra performing for us, all while the guests had lunch and socializing and networking.

The real stars of the event, however, were the exceptional speakers who graced the stage. The lineup was a diverse mix of industry experts, leaders, and visionaries who shared their valuable insights, experiences, and predictions about the global real estate landscape. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, and the knowledge shared was nothing short of enlightening. Whether discussing market trends, innovative technologies, or sustainable development practices, these presentations left everyone with food for thought. My favorite speaker was the newly appointed Sheriff, Kevin McMahill. Honestly after he spoke everyone in the room felt safer immediately. As a woman REALTOR® it is important that I feel safe and know there are help and resources if I encounter something dangerous such as a squatter.

We finished our day with speeches from 3 successful women of Real Estate on behalf of all strong ambitious entrepreneur ladies.

Global succeeded in its mission of providing attendees with a holistic experience. It was not just an event, it was a gathering of like-minded individuals passionate about real estate. The networking opportunities were abundant, enabling professionals to forge valuable connections and potential collaborations. Adding to the excitement, there were giveaways throughout the day. The anticipation and excitement in the room as attendees eagerly awaited their names to be called was palpable. The prizes were not only a token of appreciation but also a fun way to keep the audience engaged and energized.

In conclusion, the LVR Global Day was an unforgettable event that left attendees inspired and informed. From the dynamic speakers to the scrumptious meals and exciting giveaways, every aspect of the day was meticulously planned and executed. It was a day where the global real estate community came together to learn, connect, and celebrate their industry. Kudos to the organizers for a job well done, and here's looking forward to the next Global Day!”

-Rahele Khodabandeh, 2023 Global Business Committee Member

“I have attended a couple of international events this year. I have attended the international Builder show, where I networked with builders and developers from around the world. I have completed 5 international transactions in Mexico. I have worked with our AMPI affiliate and close 5 transactions. I also have attended AREAA events in Canada and thru out the United States. I have opened a Real Estate office in Cancun Mexico. I have given lectures for Las Vegas REALTORS® about how to do business in Mexico. I have attended many CREA Global events.

The Las Vegas REALTORS® Global Business Committee has tremendously impacted my business in multiple facets. The GBC has allowed me to get business from all over the world, including India, Dubai, Portugal and other countries. I have to give credit to the GBC for helping me open my company in Mexico. If it wasn’t for the trade mission to Mexico, both to Riviera Maya and to Cabo, I would have never pursued expanding my company internationally. I am currently working on getting licensed in Dubai due to the Trade mission that the GBC had to Dubai.”

-Michael Ring, 2023 Global Business Committee Member

“The Global Business Committee has helped me achieve global success by opening my eyes to the fact that real estate isn't just local. We can do business almost anywhere anytime. We have more in common globally, than most think. We are consistently updated about markets in other countries and the currency exchange. We are afforded the opportunity to visit other countries and see how their real estate transactions our performed along with their customs and procedures.”

-Karen Smith, (2019)

“As two times past Chair of our GLVAR Global Business Committee, I was honored to be selected by our Board to represent our Association at the NAR Pavilion for MIPIM this year. We had follow up meetings throughout 2017, after our return from MIPIM and on into 2018 in preparation for this year, strategizing between our local and state leadership. It's always inspiring to learn about leading-edge development throughout the world and discuss trends and projections for the future, particularly with the current disrupters in our industry. We were able to bring back valuable information for our membership on PropTech, blockchain, and the changes in data collection and distribution regulations' affecting brokerage. It was also an opportunity to shine light on Las Vegas global business opportunities and to educate people on the entire state of Nevada from mining to our innovative technology like data storage centers.

As Co-Founder of our GLVAR GBC, I am super proud of our leadership this year with Graeme Latta, Chair and Tiffany Shapouri, Vice Chair both attending MIPIM. Graeme has just attended the International REALTOR(R) Conference in Vietnam, and Tiffany travels often for real estate as well. Tiffany also serves on the AREAA Board which has further strengthen the breath and connectivity of our Global Business Committee. Graeme has also done a tremendous job planning for our Trade Mission to New Zealand which I am eager to experience; and, he takes the time every month to attend our Las Vegas Convention Center and Visitor Authority Board Meetings to keep our members up to speed with their plans to attract more international visitors, business and revenue to our city.

We recently hosted our CIPS Institute and one of our Nevada Real Estate Commissioners and Past Presidents of the GLVAR was in attendance along with our staff liaison for the Nevada Association of REALTORS. Every year, it seems, our CIPS program and our GBC gets stronger and stronger. It is a testament to not only our volunteer leadership but also our supportive Administrative Staff.

Proud Member 2012 to Present”

-Tamara Tyrbouslu, (2019)

Current Roster

Smadar Angel
Merri Perry
Wendy M. DiVecchio
Alejandro Zurita-Grise
Alex Mejia
Alexandra R. Nikolov
Alicia Mitchell
Amanda Jiang
Anh-Ngoc Huynh-Tran
Catherine Fain
Charmaine C. Lai
Christopher D. Fobes
Chudi Okafor
Dertrez Brown-Pressley
Emmanuel Makhathini
Francine Willis
Gianno Buonaguro
Haya Kessler
Ishak Angel
Izabel S. Graves
Jeff Michelman
Jessica Bellai
Karen Smith
Lesley K. Feeney
Linda S. White
Magda M. Nelson
Margaret Westcamp
Mariko K. Dior
Mark Kraujalis
Martin Guaglione
Nicholas J. Strickland
Nicole Langill
Nina Grozav
Robert J. White
Robyn Bonk
Rommel L. Requiez
Rosa A. Flores
Sherri Simhayoff-Cohen
Stephanie Grant
Sue T. Kamjorn
Sunshine Dixon
Teresa Bolen
Teresita C. Gobbo
Theodore Finkleman
Tiana M. Carroll
Ursula Calderon-Bridges
Youssef Kazemi
Daniel Harris
Krystal Sherry
Adeline Cooper
Perla Perez
Robbin Balogh


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